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Roofing Contractors in New London, CT ​- With Over 30 Years of Experience

Partner with licensed and insured roofers with over three decades of roofing experience in New London, CT

Roofing Contractors in New London, CT, With Over 30 Years of Experience 

New London, resting along the Long Island Sound, was the first official port in Connecticut after the city’s incorporation in 1784. The port inspired trading and, in later decades, whaling, making it a vibrant commercial hub. While now known for its Coast Guard Academy and Ocean Beach, it’s not until you need a roofing contractor in New London, CT, that you note not all water benefits our city.  

The roughly 50 inches of annual rainfall, which surpasses the U.S. average of 38 inches (alongside 26 inches of yearly snow), causes serious damage to tiles and shingles. Prevent a weakening household peak with A1 Roofing. Our 30-year-old company boasts a highly skilled and trained team that works on all roofing projects with a goal of 100% customer satisfaction. 

Solving Wind Damage on Roofs in Berlin

Hassle-Free Roof Installation in New London

Our roofing experts in New London believe your roof should serve you without having to service it constantly. We utilize only the finest and most durable materials from top manufacturers like Owens Corning TruDefinition Duration Shingles and Patented SureNail Technology. Our selection varies from cost-effective yet aesthetically pleasing asphalt shingles to long-lasting concrete, clay, or slate. 

After discussing your budget, alongside color and design choices, we determine what you demand from your roof. Do you value longevity over cost or vice versa? Maybe you’d rather incorporate a lightweight surface during your roof installation in New London so that it requires minimal upkeep and won’t weigh down your structure. 

Our specialized contractors work diligently and carefully so you receive the best craftsmanship with as little downtime as possible. 

Not Your Ordinary Roof Replacement in New London

Assuming you’re not building a home from the ground up, a roof replacement in New London means we must remove the old material before laying down the new. 

Whether you need a partial or whole roof replacement, we carry all the tools and equipment necessary for the job. We also provide dumpsters to keep your property clean at every stage. Replacements from a qualified roofing contractor in New London, CT, create a refreshed look for curb appeal, while the following add-ons will raise your property value: 

  • Solar tiles convert sun rays into solar power, reducing energy costs 

  • Asphalt shingles, whether in a basic, architectural, or three-tab style, are the most classic and economical roofing material that last up to 30 years

  • Metal roofing creates a barrier against moisture, fire, and UV rays for 40 to 70 years

  • Wood roofs add a rustic charm and last 40 years 

  • Concrete is cheaper than other materials with the same durability, like clay and slate, but mimics them in appearance for about 50 years

  • Clay tiles are lighter than concrete and don’t absorb as much moisture, meaning they require less maintenance within their 50-to-100-year lifespan

  • Slate roofing lasts 100 to 200 years with proper care, making replacements within your lifetime obsolete

Working roofers in CT

Owners ​​Rich Luppino and Zach Ziegler were born into the business.

Co-Owner Rich Luppino

Rich Luppino - Owner, A1 Home Improvement LLC

As childhood friends there fathers both owner very successful Roofing and Home Improvement Companies in CT.

​The two grew up working in the business and not only learned how to run and manage a successful business but also became highly skilled craftsman in there own right.

​This gave them a huge advantage as they teamed up and combined the philosophies they learned from there fathers of integrity and quality workmanship.

There knowledge and experience gained from working physically on numerous home Improvement projects there whole life have propelled them to build one of the biggest most successful Roofing companies in CT.

Co-Owner Zach Zeigler

Zack Ziegler - Owner, A1 Home Improvement LLC

Meet The Owners in this video!!

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Unmatched Roof Repair in New London

Unfortunately, anything from a heavy storm with lashing precipitation and strong winds to one fallen tree branch can cause shingles to break in half or detach completely. Water can also seep below the surface, rotting the wood structure and causing fungal growth. 

Rather than allow a minor imperfection to cause more serious leaks and roof weakness that lead to inevitable replacements, call for an unmatched roof repair in New London. 

We replace curled, worn, cracked, and other less-than-perfect shingles to protect your roof’s integrity while checking the durability and security of surrounding materials. We also install and unclog draining systems so water doesn’t add weight to your rooftop, concaving the surface. Furthermore, our team conducts leak, flashing, and fascia repairs and replacements, among other services. 

To get the most out of our services, schedule semi-annual roof maintenance so we can catch issues early and prevent them from worsening. 

Roofing Contractors Near Me in New London!

If you’re searching for “roofing contractors near me in New London,” there’s a reason why you found us. Our #1 contracting team has an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau and over 150 five-star reviews from your neighbors, all of which speak for themselves. 

However, talking with our specialists helps you learn more about home roofing in New London. We’ll walk you through your options and our intricate processes. 

For a second-to-none roofing contractor in New London, CT, and surrounding areas, call A1 Roofing at 860-259-6783. We offer the highest quality at affordable prices. Start with a free roof inspection today!

white house and white roof
The Friendly Face Of A1 Home Improvement
Team member of A1 Home Improvement

When you call or stop in A-1 Home Improvement you will be greeted by the friendly face of Korrin Leslie our dedicated office manager and the hub of A-1.
Korrin manages the office team and is the go to person for all the intricate details that make A-1 so successful.

She started 3 years ago and helped to organize the office and business systems that has allowed A1 to flourish and grow to the most successful and trusted roofing company in CT.

She is as sweet and friendly as she looks and will assure your project runs smoothly and trouble free.

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