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Old Saybrook is known for its humid, subtropical climate. While near-freezing winters have average lows ranging from 23 to 33 degrees, the summers regularly transcend well above 80. However, year-round high moisture levels contribute to 47.8 inches of annual rainfall, promoting severe thunderstorms, flash floods, and hurricanes. Working with roofing contractors in Old Saybrook, CT, can help you address disasters that cause indoor leaks, detached shingles, and more.

Rather than let your roof surprise you when you least expect it, reach out. Our family-owned and operated team knows how important your home is, so contact A1 Home Improvement for five-star, expert services. 

Solving Wind Damage on Roofs in Berlin

Roofing in Old Saybrook, CT

Roofing lasts anywhere from a decade or two to a lifetime, depending on the type of roofing materials used. While asphalt shingles give you 15 to 20 years of optimal protection, more expensive tile, concrete, metal, and slate guards against the elements for 50 years or more. However, without proper professional maintenance, these lifespans diminish severely.

Our team suggests scheduling an inspection at least once a year, especially after extreme weather, so minor issues don’t worsen. During these sessions, our experts use a maintenance checklist, which includes:

  • Removing rooftop debris
  • Unclogging the downspout and gutters 
  • Mold, mildew, and algae removal
  • Trimming overhead branches
  • Inspecting the attic for leaks
  • And more!

However, upon noticing any unusual characteristics, like sagging or concave roofing sections, rot, or missing or broken shingles, we’ll suggest a roof repair in Old Saybrook, CT.

Roof Repair in Old Saybrook, CT

Sometimes, you’ll know you need a roof repair due to obvious signs, like a leak coming through your ceiling or shingles landing on your lawn. Other times, you’ll only see water stains or a musty smell that indicates water seeped your home’s wood structure, causing fungal growth. No matter the signs, call roofing contractors in Old Saybrook, CT, for assistance immediately. 

During an Old Saybrook roofing repair, a professional listens to your concerns and then inspects your attic and rooftop. The type of problem determines our course of action. For example, say you have damaged flashing. We’ll remove the existing flashing, cut the correct size of new flashing at 45 degrees, and continuously alternate layering flashing and new tile until the spot is level with its surroundings. 

Our team provides reliable residential and commercial roof repairs 24/7 that remedy all wear and tear, no matter when they happen. But in some cases, a roof replacement in Old Saybrook, CT, may be the only route. 

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Owners ​​Rich Luppino and Zach Ziegler were born into the business.

Co-Owner Rich Luppino

Rich Luppino - Owner, A1 Home Improvement LLC

As childhood friends there fathers both owner very successful Roofing and Home Improvement Companies in CT.

​The two grew up working in the business and not only learned how to run and manage a successful business but also became highly skilled craftsman in there own right.

​This gave them a huge advantage as they teamed up and combined the philosophies they learned from there fathers of integrity and quality workmanship.

There knowledge and experience gained from working physically on numerous home Improvement projects there whole life have propelled them to build one of the biggest most successful Roofing companies in CT.

Co-Owner Zach Zeigler

Zack Ziegler - Owner, A1 Home Improvement LLC

When you hire A1 Roofing for your home in Old Saybrook you can rest assured that you will get a high quality Roofing installation at an affordable price. Our experience growing up in the business and working on jobs guarantees a trouble free experience.

Meet The Owners in this video!!

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Roof Replacement in Old Saybrook, CT

There are many reasons why a roof replacement can become necessary, from your roof reaching the end of its lifespan to a lack of maintenance causing premature and irreversible deterioration. If you leave a weakened roof on your property, the worn material will not only reduce curb appeal but lower property value. You’ll also notice the following issues on your roofing in Old Saybrook, CT:

  • More costly and frequent repairs
  • Higher energy costs and uncomfortable indoor climates, which result from poor insulation
  • Fungal growth spans your entire roof system
  • Curling, broken, or missing shingles across the roof’s surface

Our team carries an extensive inventory of roofing materials. We’ll help you decide on your new roof type depending on your budget, preferences, and the roof’s care requirements. 

Local Roofing Companies in Old Saybrook

  • When searching for local roofing companies in Old Saybrook, look no further than A1 Home Improvement. Our fully licensed and insured team has over 35 years of experience working with roofing, sidings, windows, and doors, but our honesty, dedication, and determination to get you the best prices give us an A+ BBB rating. For the best roofing contractors in Old Saybrook, CT, reach out!

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171 reviews on
Mack j McCartney
Mack j McCartney
The whole team was great, very informative and professional. Jared helped us the whole way. Everyone in the office was very helpful and responsive. Our project manager made sure everything went very smooth and the cleanup was perfect. Would highly recommend.
Sudhir Agir
Sudhir Agir
We receently had our roof replaced by A1 and we had an amazing experience from start to finish. Mike DeAndira, who guided us through process, was a true professional and a delight to work with. His expertise, attention to detail, and friendly demeanor made the whole process smooth and stress-free. The team's workmanship was top-notch, and the final result exceeded my expectations. The prep work before and cleanup after the work is done was very professional. I highly recommend A1 for their excellent service and Mike's exceptional approach to customer satisfaction!
Maryann Henning
Maryann Henning
Dave was wonderful and the greatest!!! He was not only a great help and made us understand everything he was telling us! I would recommend him and the company to everyone!
Edwin Martinez
Edwin Martinez
Josh was very professional and easy to get along. He explained everything step-by-step, and the team that came in to do the job was on time, professional, and at the end of the job, they did the best they could to clean up.
Colin Frayne
Colin Frayne
Zack and his team did a great job! They came out right away to quote the job and once I gave the ok he sent out a team.. I’m very happy with the work they did and would refer them for sure!
Tom Brandt
Tom Brandt
Had our roof inspected by Josh and after work with the insurance company got it repaired and looks great
Bob Brown
Bob Brown
Excellent experience with A1 from start to finish. Highly recommended.
Mike Broughton
Mike Broughton
A1 is an exceptionally good roofing company to work with. The team was professional in addition to doing a great job replacing our roof. I would highly recommend them to anyone who appreciates a high quality roof replacement. Mike
Josh Belanger
Josh Belanger
All around amazing experience. Great company to hire . I would not hesitate to use them again !! Their attention to detail is immaculate !! Thank you A1!!!!
Justin Turner
Justin Turner
This company was amazing from the day they came for the first inspection. Jared did a great job explaining everything about the roof and how everything was gonna unfold and the process! Will definitely use a1 again!!!
The Friendly Face Of A1 Home Improvement
Team member of A1 Home Improvement

When you call or stop in A-1 Home Improvement you will be greeted by the friendly face of Korrin Leslie our dedicated office manager and the hub of A-1.
Korrin manages the office team and is the go to person for all the intricate details that make A-1 so successful.

She started 3 years ago and helped to organize the office and business systems that has allowed A1 to flourish and grow to the most successful and trusted roofing company in CT.

She is as sweet and friendly as she looks and will assure your project runs smoothly and trouble free.

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