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Your Top-notch Roofing Contractor in West Hartford, CT

Catering to a home’s roofing without experience or expertise is always a recipe for disaster. Fortunately, hiring a professional roofing contractor in West Hartford, CT, grants you access to quality solutions you can depend on.

Do you need to repair or replace your property’s roofing? Our roofing experts in West Hartford, Connecticut, offer top-notch services. Request a free roof inspection from our A1 Home Improvement team today!

Superior Quality Roof Installation in West Hartford, CT

Regularly tending to your property’s roofing ensures its longevity and beauty. In fact, a home’s roof can last decades, depending on the quality of the roofing materials. However, it will eventually need replacing.

If you haven’t thought about it yet, consider that roof replacements can be a costly endeavor without the right planning and professional help. A team like A1 Home Improvement fully understands these frustrations. That’s why we go out of our way to streamline the process for homeowners and offer them great value on their West Hartford roof replacements.

The Process: Replace Your West Hartford Roof

The first thing our West Hartford, CT, roofing contractors will do is inspect your home’s roofing to see what it needs.

  • We examine the condition of your roofing layers
  • We check for loose, damaged, or missing shingles
  • We look for mold or algae growth
  • We assess the condition of the chimney cap, pipe boots, and counter flashing
  • We measure your attic’s moisture level

Only then will our team venture personalized solutions and offer you the roofing services you home needs. How do we ensure ultimate customer satisfaction? We use high-quality products and we always deliver quality results.

Solving Wind Damage on Roofs in Berlin

Owners ​​Rich Luppino and Zach Ziegler were born into the business.

Co-Owner Rich Luppino

Rich Luppino - Owner, A1 Home Improvement LLC

As childhood friends there fathers both owner very successful Roofing and Home Improvement Companies in CT.

​The two grew up working in the business and not only learned how to run and manage a successful business but also became highly skilled craftsman in there own right.

​This gave them a huge advantage as they teamed up and combined the philosophies they learned from there fathers of integrity and quality workmanship.

There knowledge and experience gained from working physically on numerous home Improvement projects there whole life have propelled them to build one of the biggest most successful Roofing companies in CT.

Co-Owner Zach Zeigler

Zack Ziegler - Owner, A1 Home Improvement LLC

When you hire A1 Roofing for your home in West Hartford you can rest assured that you will get a high quality Roofing installation at an affordable price. Our experience growing up in the business and working on jobs guarantees a trouble free experience.  

Meet The Owners in this video!!

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Reliable Professional Roof Repair in West Hartford, CT

Quality roofing provides your entire home with better protection. However, even the strongest roofing isn’t immune to the damage these elements cause. Common repair needs our team handles include the following:

  • Leaking seals
  • Roofing material leaks
  • Wood rot
  • Siding or fascia damage
  • Ventilation issues
  • Damaged roof shingles
  • Total roof collapse and more

Emergency Repairs for West Hartford, Connecticut Homeowners

Emergencies happen without warning, and not every roof will come out on top. In extreme cases, damage could expose your roof’s underlayment or leave your home vulnerable. Quick repair limits the extent of the damage and restores your home’s protective layer.

Does your home’s roofing urgently need repair? Don’t wait to call us for the best roofing contractor in West Hartford, CT!

West Hartford Roofing Professionals’ General Roof Repairs

Do you have minor leaks, a handful of broken shingles, or a slightly sagging roof? None of these issues are a match for our experienced contractors. We will visit your home, inspect the roof, and get to work. 

We deliver lasting results. After all, no homeowner wants to spend money repairing the same issue.

Leading Warranties and Roof Replacement Options in Connecticut

Why let roof replacement in West Hartford, CT, become a headache? Trust us to lighten the load, including the peace of mind of ten-year workmanship warranties! 

You might need repairs or replacements in the following cases:

  • Our crews are higher skilled and have been doing roofing for the past 15 years.
  • Most roofs we do are completed in one day and spotless upon completion.
  • Strong winds blow away shingles
  • Hail storms dent or puncture your roofing
  • Branches punch holes into the roofing material
  • Call us to learn more, whether you need superior quality replacements or entirely new roof installation services in the area.

We confidently stand behind our workmanship with an unprecedented 10 workmanship warranty.

white house and white roof

Why Homeowners Choose to Work with Our Roofing Experts in West Hartford

Quality Roofing Materials

At A1 Home Improvement, we use roofing materials of the highest quality that are certain to withstand anything you throw at them.

Unmatched Expertise and Experience

Nothing screams competence like our 30-plus years of experience. We have acquired specialized expertise and made an effort to perfect our processes. Today, that solid foundation is why we offer some of the best roofing services in the area.

Satisfaction Guarantees

Our team does all it takes to offer personalized roofing solutions and complete customer satisfaction. Should anything go wrong with our installation, we will remedy the situation at no additional cost.

Comprehensive Home Roofing in West Hartford, CT

Your property’s roof plays a crucial role in shielding your home and family from the elements and everything else. With this in mind, providing your roofing with the best possible care should be high on your list of maintenance priorities. The good news is that you don’t have to take care of the details; our experienced roofing team can help.

Why are the property owners searching for roofing contractors in West Hartford, CT, turning to our professional roofers for quality services? Find out when you schedule our free inspection services!

Have you noticed roof leaks or  missing or damaged shingles? Do you feel it’s time to replace your home’s old, failing roof? Whatever your roofing concern is, we have the perfect solution.

Call A1 Home Improvement at 860-259-6783 today for personalized roofing services from a highly qualified roofing contractor in West Hartford, CT.

The Friendly Face Of A1 Home Improvement
Team member of A1 Home Improvement

When you call or stop in A-1 Home Improvement you will be greeted by the friendly face of Korrin Leslie our dedicated office manager and the hub of A-1.
Korrin manages the office team and is the go to person for all the intricate details that make A-1 so successful.

She started 3 years ago and helped to organize the office and business systems that has allowed A1 to flourish and grow to the most successful and trusted roofing company in CT.

She is as sweet and friendly as she looks and will assure your project runs smoothly and trouble free.

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